Thursday, April 7, 2016


I haven't been very active in pursuing my research the past few years and have noticed that my entries on the Opera blog website are no longer available to view.    I have deleted the previous link to the Opera blog.   I don't recall which entries I had posted so there are a few that will most likely be forever lost.

With a little motivation I may continue searching for additional historical documents.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1940 US Census - Mabel Daniels/Fred Daniels Jr

Here is the 1940 US Census for my great grandmother, Mabel (Cass) Daniels and son Fred Daniels Jr.

Mabel and Fred (lines 17 & 18) were living in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California.    Mabel was working at a dress shop and Fred Jr was employed with Lockheed Aircraft.

Following the death of my great grandfather, Fred (Emery) Daniels in 1937 as well as the loss of the Daniels Apartment Hotel and the Terminal Garage in Chicago, Illinois due to the Great Depression, Mabel and Fred must have moved to California sometime during the preceding 3 years.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder Mitchell Brown and Dorothy June (Holder) Turnbull - burial

Alice Mabel Emery, second child of my great great grandparents, Abigail (Williams) and Fred J Emery was born in Washington, Iowa on November 27, 1889.

Alice's first marriage was to Fred Colby Holder Jr on August 10, 1907 in Chicago, Illinois.   That marriage produced a daughter,  Dorothy June Holder on June 18, 1908.

Sometime in 1909, Alice and Fred Holder divorced.     Following her divorce from Fred Holder, Alice married Charles F Mitchell on September 14, 1918 in Chicago, Illinois.  

Alice was married a third time to Durland Wadsworth Brown on September 9, 1920, also in Chicago.    If there were any other marriages I have not been able to locate them, though Alice did use her first husband's last name at the time of her death.

Alice passed away on May 14, 1970 in Chicago, Cook county, Illinois and was cremated.    The death certificate indicates the ashes were laid to rest at Graceland cemetery in Chicago.

Alice's only daughter, Dorothy June Holder married Alexander Tayler Turnbull in 1928 or 1929.    Alexander was the first child born to Marcia Dorothea (Wood) and Alexander Tayler Turnbull Sr  on June 4, 1903 in Chicago.
Dorothy passed away August 10, 1995 in Glenview, Cook county, Illinois.   Alexander Turnbull Jr passed away in October 1975, also in Glenview, Illinois.   

Here is a photo of the sign located at the entrance to Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.

Here is the cemetery map.

The Turnbull's were buried in Section G, Lot 555, plot 57.

Here is the map for Plot 57.

Here is a photo of the Turnbull plot.

Here is a photo of the marker for Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder Mitchell Brown, daughter June and son-in-law Alexander as well as his father, Alexander Turnbull Sr.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Abigail (Williams) Emery Daniels Kiefer - burial

My great great grandmother, Abigail (Williams) Emery Daniels Kiefer was born to Elizabeth (Ritchley) Basil Williams on February 8, 1869 in Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.

Abigail married Fred J Emery on July 3, 1887 in Washington, Iowa.   After having three children, Fred, Mabel and Frank, Abigail and Fred divorced sometime between October 31, 1891 and July 5, 1895.

Abigail then married Wilson Daniels in Chicago, Illinois on July 9, 1895.   Wilson passed away October 10, 1903 in Chicago.

Within a year or two following the death of Wilson, Abigail married her third husband, Louis Clifford Kiefer.

Abigail passed away in Chicago on April 23, 1935 and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Blue Island, Cook county, Illinois in Division 12C, lot 70.

Here is a map of the cemetery.

Here is a map of Division 12C.

Here is a photo of the cemetery.

Here is a photo of the Kiefer plot.

Here is a photo of the Kiefer monument.  

Louis was born August 24, 1872 in Portsmouth, Ohio to Mary (Behrens) and Fred Kiefer.   Louis passed away in Chicago on October 29, 1930.

Louis' mother is also listed on the monument, born March 8, 1850.  Her death date was not completed on the monument.   Mary apparently had moved back to Portsmouth, Ohio sometime after the 1930 US Census and died on September 10, 1839.    Mary was buried at Greenlawn cemetery in Portsmouth, Scioto county, Ohio.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fred Owen (Emery) Daniels - death

Last year, I had posted the death certificate of my great grandfather, Fred Daniels.    Here is a simple transcription of vital information culled from the death certificate.

In reviewing the original death certificate I had not previously noted that he had been working at the Terminal Garage in Chicago since 1910.     While in Chicago I did not pursue the documents related to the garage, but I believe it had been built prior to Fred's involvement in the business.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terminal Garage - 4464 Broadway, Chicago, Illinois

Last year I had posted a photo from 2007 of the location of the Terminal Garage, owned by Fred Daniel, my great grandfather.    At the time, the property was a parking lot and an abandoned Aldi's supermarket.  Since then, a Target has been built.   Here is a photo taken this summer of the approximate location of 4464 Broadway.

Here is a photo looking north of Montrose on the western side of Broadway.

If you compare these photos with the photo from 1926 you can see the original building on the northwest corner of Montrose and Broadway still stands and a condominium building was build on top.

At the north end of the block, Wilson at Broadway, the McJunkin building still stands.   

According to newspaper accounts, a fire occurred at the Arcadia ballroom in January 1959 and was torn down in 1960.   It was may have been at this time that the Terminal Garage, which was located next to the Arcadia ballroom was also torn down.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Terminal Garage - advertisement (part V)

Here is another advertisement from July 1928 for Terminal Garage in Chicago, owned by my great grandfather, Fred (Emery) Daniels.

Terminal Garage is the last entry listed under "North Side" on the left portion of the ad.