Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olive (Jacobs) and Henry Emery family tree

I have added an additional tab for the children of Olive (Jacobs) and Henry Emery* (my great great great great grandparents).   As always, the Emery (and Daniels) family tree is located in the right margin.   Just click on the highlighted "tree".

Their daughter, Edith Caroline Emery may have passed away sometime prior to the 1860 US census.   I've encountered some family trees that indicate she married an Ethan Cornwall on April 1, 1850, which is not likely considering that would have meant she married at the age of 11 or 12 if her year of birth of 1838 is correct.    Some of these same family trees have listed a death date of February 4, 1926 in Joliet, Will county, Illinois using the last name of Emery.   Were she to have married, she most likely would have been using her husband's last name at the time of death.

*Hannah (Gaffney) and Henry Emery did not have any children.

Henry Emery and the Abraham Lincoln/Stephen Douglas debates Part IV

More photos from the Lincoln/Douglas debate in Galesburg, Illinois.

Here is a photo of the building from which Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debated on October 7, 1858.

Upon the 100th anniversary of the debates, two plaques were placed on either side of the doorway to commemorate the occasion.

Here is a closeup of Abraham Lincoln's plaque.

And a closeup of Stephen Douglas' plaque.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Henry Emery and the Abraham Lincoln/Stephen Douglas debates Part III

Last year I posted about my great great great great grandfather Henry Emery attending the Lincoln Douglas debates in Galesburg, Illinois at the grounds of Knox college.

Here is a sign commemorating the debate.

A closeup of the left portion

A closeup of the middle

And a closeup of the right portion

Monday, August 29, 2011

Henry Emery - Weller township, Henry County, Illinois property (continued)

Several months ago I posted a plat map as well as a drawing of the property owned by my great great great great grandfather, Henry Emery.

The property was located in Weller township, Henry County, Illinois.    After speaking with a long time neighbor, the corn crib had been taken down sometime before a tornado in the late 1970's came through the area and destroyed the outlying buildings, leaving only the house.     The house was not in very good condition and was demolished in the past decade or so to pave the way for additional farm land for the current owner.

Below is a photo of the property as it looks today, taken from the southeast corner on Highway 17 and E 1470th Street looking northwest.

Below is a photo of looking north from the midsection of the southern border on Highway 17.

Below is a photo looking north from Highway 17 approximately where the house and farm buildings would have stood.

Below is a photo taken on Highway 17 from the southwestern portion of the property looking northeast.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sarah (Dwire) and David W Emery residence

Based upon the details found in the article I posted yesterday, here are a couple of photos of the home where Galva Emery, the first child born in Galva, Illinois was born to my great great great grandparents, Sarah (Dwire) and David W Emery.

The house was eventually rebuilt and apparently only the basement and foundation from the original home still exist today.

The Emery home was located at NW First Street and 5th Avenue in Galva, Illinois.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Galva Emery - Part II

Earlier this year I had posted a small article about Galva Emery, the first daughter born to my great great great grandparents, Sarah (Dwire) and David W Emery.   Galva was also the first child born in the town of Galva, Henry County, Illinois.

Here is a more detailed article about Galva's birth from the February 1962 Galvaland Magazine*

*The article indicates Galva died September 13, 1865; she actually passed away at the age of 8 on September 23, 1963.

Here is a follow-up article that appeared in the Galvaland Magazine from the January/February 1980 edition that also mentioned Galva's brother, Frank who preceded her in death the previous year.   Frank's headstone is difficult to read so his date of death is unknown, however I have determined he was born in 1861 or 1862.

Friday, August 26, 2011

David and Edith Emery burial - Part II

I previously posted about the burials of my great great great great great grandparents, Edith (Fisher) and David Emery*.

Here are some current photos of the cemetery and their burial plot.   David's headstone had fallen over, though luckily it had not broken.   Edith's was still standing upright.

Here is a photo of the Locust Lane Methodist Cemetery.

Edith and David Emery are buried in section "R" (shown below) of the Locust Lane Methodist Cemetery in Joshua Township,  Fulton County, Illinois near the town of Canton.

Here is a photo of their plot with the headstones next to each other.

Here is a close up of Edith's headstone.

Here is a close up of David's headstone.

*David as well as his son, my great great great great grandfather Henry opted to delete the second "e" from his name and apparently spelled it as "Emry" rather than Emery.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

David W Emery family tree

I've added a tab to the family tree for the family of Sarah (Dwire) and David W Emery, (my great great great grandparents).

Most family trees I've encountered of the Emery family have failed to include all 11 children of Sarah and David.    I have confirmed the names of all their children and have attempted to confirm their birth and death information as well as marriages, if applicable.