Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Henry Emery - Weller Township, Henry County, Illinois property

Well, the evidence just keeps piling up.    Last year I posted the plat map for the property owned by my great great great great grandfather, Henry Emery.

I found another (color version) of the map which includes the entire eastern portion of Weller township.   Henry's property is in quadrant 28.

I wasn't 100% confident I had the right Henry Emery, especially since "Emery" was misspelled as "Emry", so I looked up the 1870 US Census and on page 32 (the page following Henry and wife Hannah's census information) and see that Daniel Sunberg, Peter Sunberg and Michael Underwood are listed.  If you look at quadrant 27 on the Weller township plat map, you will see their names and respective properties listed just east of Henry Emery's (Emry) property.

Even more interesting, here is a drawing of my great great great great grandfather's property from US Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, Henry County, Illinois 1875.

Note the train in the upper right corner, which matches the train tracks that cut through the northern portion of Henry's property on the plat map.

Here is a very short biography* of Henry's second wife, Sarah (Gaffney) who had previously been married to Henry's brother, Frederick Welker Emery.

*From "History of Henry County" by H.F. Kett Company.

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