Sunday, February 6, 2011

David and Edith Emery - burial

Here are photos of the grave markers of my great great great great great grandparents, Edith (Fisher) and David Emery.

David was born January 4, 1780 in Lebanon, New Jersey to Mary (Reed) and John Emery.    He died October 15, 1855 in Canton, Illinois and is buried at the Locust Lane Methodist Church cemetery.

Edith was born October 3, 1782 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Amelia (Brock) and David Fisher.

She died June 4, 1861 in Canton, Illinois and is buried at the Locust Lane Methodist Church cemetery.

David and Edith were married in 1800 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, the marker was misspelled as "Emry".  The correct spelling is "Emery".


  1. I am also a descendent of David and Mary Emery. Do you have any information on the Reed or the Fisher family? I have found nothing on the Reed's and only know of Philip Fisher and Amelia or Parmelia Brock.

  2. Philip Fisher was born around 1755 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. He married Parmelia (or Amelia) Brock born around 1762 also in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. According to the DAR, Philip was a Revolutionary war veteran and served under Captain Philip Gable in Pennsylvania. There were several Fisher families in Pennsylvania around this time, with one family being responsible for the Fisher pear being propagated. However, the only records we have on Philip and Parmelia are the DAR records. Philip is recorded to have died on March 24, 1804 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, the date of death for Parmelia is unknown, the graves for both have not been located.
    Sarah Fisher the only known child of Philip and Parmelia was born October 28, 1774 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, she married Conrad Emery and moved with him to Stark County, Illinois. Sarah and Conrad had eleven children. She died November 15, 1870 in Stark County, Illinois and is buried with Conrad in McClenahan Cemetery in Stark County, Illinois.

    It looks like you found another Fisher sister?

  3. Everything I have is on the tree (right hand column of the main webpage). I haven't pursued extended family members too much on this particular branch of my bloodline.

    Here is additional information on Mary Reed that might help: