Saturday, February 12, 2011

Henry Emery and daughter Amelia - biography

Here is a short biography about my great great great great grandfather, Henry Emery and one of his daughters, Amelia (Emery) Standard.

This appeared in on page 99 of a book titled, "Documents And Biography Pertaining To The Settlement And Progress, Stark County, Illinois, Containing An Authentic Summary Of Records, Documents, Historical Works And Newspapers........Biography of Representative Men Of The Past and Present" by M. A. Leeson, 1887.

There is one discrepancy in that it indicates Henry moved to Henry county in 1857, though from yesterday's post regarding Henry's property in Weller township, he had purchased the land in 1852.  Unfortunately, the 1855 Illinois census for Henry county is missing.

It also states he was married to his first wife, Olive Jacobs in 1822, though the photo indicates he was married January 13, 1825.  Also, their first child Mary A Emery was born December 30, 1825.

In any event, it's interesting to have some additional information about Henry's life while living in Illinois.

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