Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fred C Holder Jr

While searching for the descendants of Alice Mabel Emery (the sister of my great grandfather, Fred Owen Emery Daniels), I was able to locate documents relating to her first husband, Fred C Holder Jr.

I reviewed the 1910 US Census I had posted previously, which indicated Fred had been married for 2 years, yet his wife was not listed as living in the household.   I'm not sure whether that is an error and Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder was mistakenly omitted or whether she was living elsewhere in 1910. 

I stumbled upon Fred Holder's passport application from 1918 which contains some information about Fred.

He had remarried and had been living in Australia, employed for an Australian company.   He had previously worked for Swift and Company in Chicago.   This confirms I had the correct Fred Holder for the 1910 US Census which indicated Fred was employed by a packing company.

Never having seen a photo of Fred, a passport application is a great source.  Fred's photo is shown on each page of the application.

The passport application also confirms Fred's father was Fred Christopher Holder.

I then located a passenger list for the SS Sonoma which sailed on February 11, 1920 from Sydney, Australia and arrived in San Francisco on March 1st (or 6th) which included the name of Fred's second wife, Wanda and their son, Forrest.

Further research led me to a marriage register for Wanda (Cox) and Fred Holder, who were married January 9, 1915 in Berrien County, Michigan.

Apparently the marriage of Alice Mabel Emery and Fred C Holder Jr lasted less than 8 years.

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