Monday, August 29, 2011

Henry Emery - Weller township, Henry County, Illinois property (continued)

Several months ago I posted a plat map as well as a drawing of the property owned by my great great great great grandfather, Henry Emery.

The property was located in Weller township, Henry County, Illinois.    After speaking with a long time neighbor, the corn crib had been taken down sometime before a tornado in the late 1970's came through the area and destroyed the outlying buildings, leaving only the house.     The house was not in very good condition and was demolished in the past decade or so to pave the way for additional farm land for the current owner.

Below is a photo of the property as it looks today, taken from the southeast corner on Highway 17 and E 1470th Street looking northwest.

Below is a photo of looking north from the midsection of the southern border on Highway 17.

Below is a photo looking north from Highway 17 approximately where the house and farm buildings would have stood.

Below is a photo taken on Highway 17 from the southwestern portion of the property looking northeast.

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