Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Emery / Daniels family tree

On the right margin is a family tree of the Emery / Daniels family*.

(Scroll down for the first entry, Johann Heinrich Emery in column "A" at line 25; scroll to the right for additional generations where I end the tree at column "J".)

Columns "A" - "F" is data from other sources that I have yet to verify. I will update the tree as I come across confirming documentation. Documents will be posted as a blog entry, but access to the family tree will always be on the right hand margin, just by clicking the word "tree".

Columns "G" - "J" is based upon my own research and personal knowledge.

*My great grandfather was born an Emery but changed his name to Daniels sometime prior to 1910 - see column "H".

There may be a few typos and errors, which I will correct as I am searching for documentation.

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