Friday, July 29, 2011

1930 US Census - Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder Stogsdill Mitchell Brown?

I'm not 100% confident I have found the 1930 US Census for Alice Mabel (Emery), though there do seem to be some indicators that it's possible the following record belongs to Alice (who used her middle name Mabel).

Mabel Stogsdill, entry # 69 indicates she was born in Iowa, as well as her mother and father.   Both my great great grandparents, Abigail (Williams) and Fred J Emery were born in Iowa.

Second, Mabel Stogsdill was employed as a ticket writer for a wholesale tailor (third word illegible).   The 1920 census stated Mabel was a bookkeeper for a clothing factory, which would appear to be a comparable occupation and employer.

While the census does list Mabel's age as 41, she was not at her 'last birthday', though she would have turned 41 in November 1930.   It's not uncommon to find errors in census records, so this is a minor discrepancy.     

I also note that Mabel's age of 'first marriage' was 27.  It's quite possible that the stigma of divorce prevented individuals from being 100% truthful with a census taker, though this could indicate Mabel married (first name unknown) Stogsdill in 1915 or 1916, prior to her marriage to Charles Mitchell in 1918 and Durland Brown in 1920.  

By the time of her death in 1970, Mabel had been using the last name of her first husband, Fred Holder Jr as well as the during the 1920 Census.

Finally, I have not been able to find any records for a Mabel Stogsdill prior to or after the 1930 US Census.  It seems unusual that someone would have NO additional documentation of their existence.   As a result, I believe this census is of Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder Stogsdill Mitchell Brown.

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