Friday, September 3, 2010

Alice Mabel Emery, Fred C Holder Jr - death certificate and Fred C Holder Jr 1910 US Census

Here is the Cook County death certificate for my great grandfather, Fred Daniels' sister, Alice Mabel (Emery) Holder.

Alice died on May 14, 1970 in Chicago.    The death certificate indicates she was a widow, which brings up some questions regarding her husband, Fred C Holder Jr's death certificate.

According to Fred's death certificate, he was a widow at the time of his death on April 18, 1956 in Mineral Wells, Colorado.     Based upon this information, one would come to the conclusion that Alice and Fred had divorced.   Fred then re-married and his second wife preceded him in death.

Another unanswered question is why the 1910 US Census did not include Alice and their daughter Dorothy as part of the Holder household (lines 18 - 21).

The first records I have found for Dorothy Holder are the 1920 US Census.   I've been able to locate the 1910 US Census records for either Dorothy or her mother, Alice Mabel Holder.

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