Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1830 US Census - Henry Emery, David W Emery

Here is the 1830 US Census for my great great great great grandfather, Henry Emery, living in Vermillion Township, Richland County, Ohio.   

The census indicates there were 5 people living in the household, which would have been wife Olive (Jacobs), daughters Mary and Amelia and son David W Emery (my great great great grandfather). 

According to the book  "Conrad Emery and His Descendants", written by Frederic B. Emery, David was born in Columbus, Ohio, which was about an hour and a half southwest of Vermillion Township.  The book doesn't indicate where he found confirmation that Columbus was the location of his birth so the accuracy is questionable.

Listed two lines above Henry is David, which I am guessing was Henry's father, (my great great great great great grandfather).

On line 13 is a John Emery, possibly Henry's brother.   Again, the census record for 1830 doesn't provide sufficient information to know with 100% certainty.

Page 2 below.   The totals for Henry are listed on the last line.  

There was another Henry Emery living in Miami, Ohio but since that Henry was still living there in 1891, I eliminated the possibility of that family being my direct ancestor.

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