Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terminal Garage - advertisements (part III)

Here are some more advertisements for my great grandfather, Fred Daniels' business, Terminal Garage.

This one from February 1917 contains two 'help wanted' ads looking for a "battery man" and a mechanic.

The close up of the ad above below:

This one from May 1917 is for Milburn Electric Lights, naming Terminal Garage as a service station for the product.

This one from June 1917 is another for Milburn Light Electric, serviced at Terminal Garage.

This ad from February 1919 was someone selling a car at the Terminal Garage.

The close up of the above ad is shown below:

The interesting thing about these ads are the vehicles available for sale that are no longer manufactured, many of which were companies that were new to me.   Great prices as well.

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