Saturday, September 4, 2010

1920 US Census - Abigail Kiefer, Dorothy Holder

Here is the 1920 US Census mentioned yesterday for Dorothy Holder, the niece of my great grandfather, Fred Daniels.     Dorothy was living in the household of her grandmother, Abigail (Williams), who had remarried for a 3rd time to Louis C Kiefer.

This census includes Abigail's three children from her first marriage to Fred J Emery -  Fred Jr, Alice Mabel and Frank.

There are a few things unusual about this census:

- Fred Jr (and family) was already listed on a separate census record as living in his own household on Leland Avenue, in Chicago

- I've not been able to locate a census record for Alice Mabel living with her husband Fred C Holder Jr since their marriage in 1907

- This particular census indicates the marital status of Abigail's children is "unknown".   How a mother would not know the status of her children is rather unusual

- This is the only census record I've come across that lists Abigail's son Frank, who I believe may actually have died prior to 1900

My theory is that the census taker (or document?) asked how many children the woman of the house had and Abigail provided the names of her children, failing to include their marital status.    The census bureau, not knowing any different, just included them as having lived in the household.

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