Saturday, September 25, 2010

1865 Illinois Census - David W Emery

Here is a 1865 Illinois Census which may indicate my great great great grandparents, Sarah (Dwire or Dwyer) and David W Emery (17 from the bottom) living in Galva, Illinois.

This census is difficult to read but it looks like there were only 3 people living in the household at the time.

By 1865 David and wife Sarah had 4 children, Galva, Charles, Alice and Willie, which is why this census is not particularly useful as it does not include the names of those living in the household.   I do believe that Galva most likely died prior to 1870 and Alice and Willie* died sometime between 1870 and 1880.  

David and Sarah had moved from Galva sometime after 1867 so this does seem to be the most likely census for the family.

There were 3 other Emery families living in Galva at the time, a J P Emery, Jacob Emery and John C Emery.

The middle initial "W" stands out on this sheet of the census; it's difficult to tell if the initial used for the first name is a "D", but seems likely.    Jacob Emery is listed on the first line, so it's possible that David and Sarah's children were living with Jacob at the time of the census.

*Most family trees I've stumbled upon fail to document Alice, Willie and a 3rd child of Sarah and David Emery.    I've come to the conclusion they may have obtained their research from the book " Conrad Emery and His Descendants - written by "Frederic B. Emery, which failed to account for all 11 of their children.

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