Friday, September 23, 2011

Frank and Galva Emery - burial

Backtracking a few years........I had posted about Galva Emery, the first child born to my great great great grandparents, Sarah (Dwire) and David W Emery.

Here is a photo of the plot for Frank and Galva who died as children within a year of each other in Galva, Illinois.

Here is a photo of their headstone.

Here is a closeup of the age listed on Frank's portion of the headstone, which is still difficult to read his age.  I've approximated his birth as 1861 or 1862 but cannot determine a month and day.   It looks as if he was only a few months and days old at the time of death, placing his birth year as 1862.  Frank would have been born before his brother Willie but after his sister Alice.

Frank and Galva were buried in section 4 of the Galva Cemetery.   Here is a map of the Cemetery.

Here is a photo of the cemetery.

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