Saturday, September 10, 2011

1860 US Census - Henry Emery

About a year ago I posted the 1860 US Census for my great great great great grandfather Henry Emery and his second wife, Hannah (Gaffney).    I have located a better copy of the census and have since figured out the other residents of the household.

The Emery family was living in Weller township, Henry county, Illinois.    Residents of the Emery household are as follows:   Henry, second wife* Hannah (Gaffney), followed by Henry and Olive's second eldest son, James H Emery.   The next two listed were Hannah's children with her first husband (Henry's brother, Frederick Welker Emery) Amanda and John G Emery.   The last four children are also Henry and Olive's children, Sarah, William Patrick, Jason Rust and Catherine Emery.

The listing for Sarah was difficult to decipher as the first name is difficult to read, however, there are no other census listings for Sarah living in another household and her age does match the previous census.    Sarah eventually left the household when she was married three years later to Frank Ferman.

*Henry's first wife, Olive (Jacobs) had passed away the previous year on September 26, 1859.

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