Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terminal Garage - 4464 Broadway, Chicago, Illinois

Last year I had posted a photo from 2007 of the location of the Terminal Garage, owned by Fred Daniel, my great grandfather.    At the time, the property was a parking lot and an abandoned Aldi's supermarket.  Since then, a Target has been built.   Here is a photo taken this summer of the approximate location of 4464 Broadway.

Here is a photo looking north of Montrose on the western side of Broadway.

If you compare these photos with the photo from 1926 you can see the original building on the northwest corner of Montrose and Broadway still stands and a condominium building was build on top.

At the north end of the block, Wilson at Broadway, the McJunkin building still stands.   

According to newspaper accounts, a fire occurred at the Arcadia ballroom in January 1959 and was torn down in 1960.   It was may have been at this time that the Terminal Garage, which was located next to the Arcadia ballroom was also torn down.

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