Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1880 US Census - Hannah Emery

By the time the 1880 US Census came out, my great great great great grandfather Henry Emery had passed away.    He died November 17, 1875 and is buried at the Galva Cemetery in Galva, Illinois, just a few miles east of where he had lived in Weller township.

Hannah, the second wife of Henry, was living in Galva, with two of her grandchildren, Laura and Otis*.

*And not to confuse you but..... according to the book "Conrad Emery and His Descendants",  Henry's younger brother Frederick Welker Emery married Hannah Gaffney in 1833.   Several years after Frederick died in 1846, Hannah married Frederick's older brother Henry, my great great great great grandfather in 1860 after the death of my great great great great grandmother, Olive (Jacobs) in 1859.   

Laura and Otis were the children of Hannah and Frederick's son, Oliver P Emery, and wife Lorena Griswold (though the book only mentions Laura by name, it doesn't seem to provide any other information about her).

Jacob Emery, the cousin of Henry Emery is also listed as living nearby along with Jacob's third wife, Lydia (Parish-Driscoll) and two of Jacob's children, Bridget and Rose (from Jacob's second marriage to Elizabeth (Neville).

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